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COVID-19 Update

We believe many of you have heard the Texas Governor’s announcement that he is lifting COVID related restrictions throughout the state as of Wednesday, March 10.  We are sure you all have questions about how this impacts the possible “re-opening” of our Communities. 

In the Governor’s Executive Order GA-34, it states that senior living facilities should continue to follow guidance from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) regarding any visitation and should continue to follow infection control policies and practices issued by HHSC. 

Texas Winter Storm

We wanted to let you know the actions we are taking at Mesa Springs Independent Living to protect our residents.  We are currently experiencing (rolling power outages of more than 18 hours at a time, and we have had some of our pipes freeze and burst and delayed food vendor deliveries). We remain without power today except for about two hours a day.

Resident COVID-19

I am so sorry to have to share with you that we have a resident with COVID-19.  This resident tested positive during the night on December 10, 2020 after attending the Christmas party.  They are an active, engaged resident at Mesa Springs attending meals daily in the dining room.  Due to the large number of people directly exposed, we have to consider that staff and residents have all been exposed. Effective immediately we have to go back into lockdown.

COVID-19 Contractor Diagnosis

I am writing to let you know an individual contracted to provide services to residents within our community has tested positive for COVID. This individual and the residents the contractor served in our dining room are currently isolating until a return date can be determined following local health department and CDC guidance. To date, we have no residents or staff members that have tested positive for the virus. 

Mesa Springs Retirement Village – Reopening Letter

We appreciate your cooperation and support during these unprecedented times. Social distancing and other virus-related restrictions have been difficult for all of us during this pandemic. Some of you may be aware that Texas is beginning to move forward to “reopen” our senior living facilities.

Mesa Springs Retirement Village – COVID-19 Update

It has come to our attention that there was a recent newspaper article about an increase in COVID-19 cases at the skilled nursing facility that shares a campus with us.  As you are all aware from our earlier communication in July when there were some positive staff cases at the skilled nursing facility, we do not share any common areas or buildings with the skilled nursing.

Mesa Springs Retirement Village – COVID-19 Update

Since our last communication, we have had no reported positive cases amongst our staff here at Mesa Springs.  However, we have learned that one Community resident has tested positive for the virus.  When making the report, the resident stated that they had experienced no signs and symptoms of the virus and had been tested as a precaution. 

Mesa Springs Retirement Village – COVID-19 Update

We would like to update you on how things are going at Mesa Spring as it relates to COVID-19, especially given the spike in positive cases of the virus in Abilene, Texas. We are happy to report, we continue to have no staff with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, or showing signs or symptoms of illness. However, we learned yesterday that the skilled nursing facility that shares a campus with us has COVID-19 positive test results for 3 staff members including one in dietary.  

Information Regarding Visitation

Dear Residents, Family and Friends: On March 14, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services advised of a nationwide restriction on visitation for certain health facilities, due to the coronavirus. Though these restrictions were drafted for skilled nursing facilities, they address risks similar to those posed to other senior living communities. CMS has directed […]